Tentative Page of ELSES, Extra-Large-Scale Electronic Structure calculation

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ELSES, Extra-Large-Scale Electronic Structure calculation, is a nanomaterial simulation software for large-scale quantum mechanical (electronic-state) calculation with an order-N algorithm and first-principles-based modeled (tight-binding) theory. ELSES is developped and maintained by ELSES consortium organized by academic and industrial researchers. The representative of ELSES consortium is Takeo Fujiwara (University of Tokyo). The main developper is Takeo Hoshi (Tottori University) (hoshi-at-tottori-u.ac.jp). Now the source code is available only for the consortium members. Please join the consortium, if you are interested.

Information for the consortium members

From 2017, the code is updated on a git server and please contact Takeo Hoshi (Tottori University) for the latest code.

Recent and selected papers for applications and methodologies


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